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Card Guides
Vibration and Shock Damping Card Guides, Series 250, 350 and 400 Card Guides, Nylon Slotted PC Card Guides, Special Guides (Side Mount Guides, Detent Guides, and Open Frame Card Mounts)

PC Card Accessories
Card Ejectors and Pulls

Versamount Isolated PC Mounts
Versamount holds p.c. card firmly and ADJUST-A-LOCK securely locks p.c. card in place. The ideal combination for isolated board mounting on chassis or motherboard.

PC Metal Card Guides
Metri Guides, Open & Track Style Ground R Guide, Kooler Guides, Guide Bars

PC Card Cages
Subracks, Extractor and Support Bars, Mounting Flanges, End Plates,

Fan-Pak is usually mounted below a card cage, so cooling air can be moved up and around p.c. cards. Thus, cooling air can be directed to the exact "hot" area.

Card Files
M80 card files are low cost units built to specifically package Multibus cards and are available in a wide range of sizes to hold from 2 to 20 cards. For convenience, card files can be purchased complete with backplane and P-2 connectors or the card file alone with any of the various options.


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